Welcome to Scion Psychiatric

Our mission is to provide high quality and personalized psychiatric care through a fee for service model that eliminates the hassles of insurance and 3rd party restrictions on care and allows the doctor-patient relationship to flourish.

Scion, meaning “young seed” or “to sprout”
Accessing psychiatric care for your loved ones can be challenging and confusing. Our philosophy is rooted in honesty, transparency and investment in care as many mental health conditions that start in childhood or adolescence require potentially lifelong care.

Dr. Blastos is a native of western Pennsylvania and grew up in Pittsburgh. He continues to reside in Western PA with his wife and three young children.

Prior to entering medical school, Dr. Blastos worked in the offshore oil and gas industry for 10 years. Following medical school he completed his general psychiatric and child fellowship training at Allegheny General Hospital and began working for a community-based mental health organization in Pittsburgh. His experience in the offshore industry, coupled with the unparalleled training he received in residency and child fellowship places him in a unique position to help individuals across the mental health care spectrum. In addition to his civilian medical career he also serves in the United States Navy Reserve as a psychiatrist.

Dr. Blastos